Women and Masturbation

Women talk. We talk explicitly. If you don’t know this then you are probably male. We tend to get vague when we discuss masturbation. Sure, we may share a review of a vibrator or a lube that you have enjoyed but we never talk about how we enjoy solo sex. What we know statistically is that women do not masturbate as much as men. Men are expected to masturbate while women are still considered asexual until coitus. Women know this to not be the facts but we will not set the record straight.

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It’s OK To Masturbate

Sex. CoupleDumb likes to bring up the subject a few times a year to remind everyone that sex is a normal function. What we usually don’t talk about is how the outside world messes up our sex-life. If it isn’t the government getting in our business, it’s the church or our parents or family members that do not approve or society saying it has to look a certain way. Sex has become a topic of discussion with the same passion rating as discussing taxes or the economy. Sure, it will get you hot but not the fun kind of hot.

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The Posh Girl’s Guide to Play – A Review

Book reviews are usually pretty dry. We read a book; we give you a quick summary and then our opinion about it. When we get a book titled, “The Posh Girl’s Guide to Play: Fantasy, Role Play and Sensual Bondage”, the same old routine is turned on its head. The author, Alexi Lass, provides the kink curious novice the information they need to ease into less vanilla sex. Whether you are interested in some simple fantasy or some Bondage and Submission, Alexi has some down to earth advice all while establishing some trust between partners.

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