The Pee-Pee slapping dance and other cool tricks.

If you do not know what the pee-pee slapping dance is, then let me enlighten you. The male of the relationship steps out either fully naked or, at a minimum, nude from the waist down. With a rapid oscillation of his pelvis, he sets his genitalia into motion, making a slap as his penis whips to the left, then right, then left again. He does this for several seconds, ending in a Ta-da, before padding away to wherever he was, fulfilled at a job well done. The impact is best if the audience, or shall we call her the victim, is in some innocuous space like the kitchen or laundry room.

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you always manipulate the ones you love

Our littlest is just 2 years old. Recently, his language has exploded and he is communicating his needs. He says really adorable things like “bless you Mami” when I cough or “shoes on” when he wants to leave. I didn’t say he was bright, I said he was adorable. One of these incredi-cute things he is doing is requesting something that he has previously been denied with a final “Pllllllllleeeeezzzzzzzzeeee” and his hands pressed together in prayer. He has even perfected the doe eyes that are required for that kind of begging. It is hard to deny him but we do and then hug him for learning how to work his parents like a job.

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Slap and tickle or what’s love got to do with it.

Good Monday Everybody! We would like to thank you for all your support. We hope you had a love filled weekend and that your Valentine’s Day was just covered in chocolate. Paul and I spent the weekend in a seminar where we worked on our individual issues. I know, it sounds so incredibly romantic. We didn’t even get to sleep together! I told you we didn’t celebrate Valentine’s.

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