Spot The Crazy

It’s Monday and we have a jammed pack week here at CoupleDumb. We have so many irons in the fire right now that we may have to find a means of cloning ourselves so that one set works while the other has sex and sleeps. We promised you last week on Relationship Rehab that we would give you the keys to a drama free life. Step one of this is spotting the craziness in your life. Sometimes it is an individual and sometimes it’s circumstances.

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Parents Think Too Much.

Have you heard the joke about the small boy who asks his dad, ‘Where do I come from’? The dad sighs and launches into the infamous birds and bees conversation, even pulling out the old National Geographic’s Reproduction and Birth book. When dad is finished, the child looks at him, both puzzled and aghast, and says ‘OK. But Tommy is from Miami and Suzie is from New York. Where do I come from?’

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Dead Snakes and Other Metaphors.

Good Day everybody! We hope you had a marvelous Father’s Day. For those of you who avoided the festivities because of serious Daddy issues, you have come to the right place! We will continue our therapy discussion this week since there just isn’t enough bytes in our computer to express the need for this in our world. Call us whatever you like (hippy, tree-hugging, kool aid drinking, therapy drones just to get you started) but we strongly recommend therapy for everyone.

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