5 Things That Marriage Is Not

CoupleDumb has been at this for 5 years now and sometimes we come upon a topic that we can’t believe we have not written about before. So many people talk about what marriage is supposed to be and many times, they get it wrong. This week we will be talking about what marriage is and isn’t. As we approach Valentines’s day in a few weeks, before you make the mistake of proposing marriage or accepting a marriage proposal, here’s a list of things that marriage is not.

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What If We Never Met?

One of the questions that has kept us up lately is, ‘What would our lives have been like had we never met each other?’ The question did not arise from a woebegone feeling from lamenting our lost youth but more of a surprise as to how our relationship has changed us. CoupleDumb has worked very hard to explain and teach the general public on how to live better lives and love being in a relationship. And the reality is that a relationship is a vehicle for growth and if you aren’t growing then you are with the wrong person.

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Rules For A Work-Free Marriage

I’ll be honest. I don’t really consider what I put into my marriage as work. Are we happy? YES! Do we feel that marriage is akin to working in a coal mine? NO! After 24 years, I can’t say we are on auto-pilot in this relationship, but it has become easy; a way of being if you will. Here are the things we have done in the last 24 years that has made our lives wayyyyyyyyyyy easier now:

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