Safe and Loving Marriage

We often receive letters and emails asking us how to change certain behaviors and or if we think something is right or wrong (to settle a bet). Sometimes we receive a note telling us how someone feels in their relationship and, without getting to specific, how they feel that this is all there is. Those are the letters that fuel our desire to keep writing and sharing the message that ‘IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THAT!’

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5 Love Languages Author Is Fluent In Codependency

When CoupleDumb suggests going to therapy or counseling it is usually with the premise to work on yourself. Marriage and Family Counseling is wonderful but the truth is that to fix a marriage issue, it is best to start by looking within. Actually, the best time to have started would have been before you got married in the first place but we digress. As we research Dr. Gary Chapman and his theory of 5 Love Languages, we realize that we have found our antithesis. The only thing we have in common is that we both write about relationships but other than that we couldn’t be more diametrically opposed in philosophy and goals.

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