Is That All There Is?

There are a few things that people can agree on: bacon is good, Robert Downey Jr. is awesome as Iron Man and we would all like to be happy. The first two are a certainty but would you be surprised to find out that happiness is not an ideal that people believe is attainable? Happiness is seen as the unicorn being ridden by a leprechaun holding a fairy. People don’t think it is possible. We strive for contentment or a state that is somewhere in between but most of our needs are sated. Being content is that feeling after watching your favorite TV show; you aren’t bouncing off the wall with glee but you are not sad either. In other words, you feel neutral.

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Were you taught to be happy?

CoupleDumb created a happiness manifesto several years ago. To that end, we continue to explore what makes life worth living. As we embrace Positive Psychology and the influence of the founders and researchers begin to permeate our society, we continually ask ourselves, ‘why aren’t more people happy?’ We think the answer is quite simple. We don’t think people know what that means!

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Finding Joy

I write this as we anticipate the announcement of the new Pope. I see Vatican Square replete with people who are excited and exuding joy over a new beginning. It is a beautiful sight to see in the midst of a historical moment in time. It is amazing that in the middle of all the scary things in the world, as human beings we can generate this much energy from the happiness of being hopeful.

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