The War On Women Is Real

According to the Conservative Media Machine, the War on Women is a rouse to inflame hysterical women so that they may vote Democrat. That this fabled War on Women is a farce and Republicans love their Mommies and Sisters and Daughters. It may be that the right loves their Mothers but the idea that women are equal to men has nothing to do with love. The War on Women is real. No, we are not fighting female circumcision or oppression the likes of Malala but our rights as Women and Citizens of the United States are very much in the hands of men who just don’t think we can take care of ourselves or make our own decisions.

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Romney And Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~Nelson Mandela

The importance of education is obvious. An intelligent populace will undoubtedly raise the possibilities of solving the problems of a society. Intelligence is essential to succeed in school and education makes sure that we do not repeat mistakes, attempt the illogical because of statistical impossibilities and deepen the breadth and soul of a nation to include an appreciation for beauty

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Romney Lies To Keep It White

Human Behavior is fascinating. In relationships, most people bristle at the thought of someone lying or betraying them. Most people have hard fast rules for how they treat people who lie to them. The feeling of betrayal is harder to overcome than abusiveness. However, we seem fine when politicians lie to us. We figure, ‘that is what they do’. However, why would we allow them to treat us like that? Are we O.K. being mushrooms to their bullshit?

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Mitt And The Military

We are at war. However, to hear the news or politicians speak, the war is the best kept secret in our country. At the Republican National Convention, the Republican Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney, did not mention the war in Afghanistan, the troops or anything concerning military concerns. After the convention when asked about the omission, Mitt responded, “You don’t go through a laundry list; you talk about the things you think are important.” What he did mention during the speech is that Russia is “our number one geopolitical foe”. On September 27, in front of the American Legion in Virginia, Mitt did mention troops, but not the war, and did state that his goal was to “have a military so strong no one wants to test it.”

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