It’s the thought that counts but I want presents.

MONDAY! O.K., we need to go through our check list. Back to school? Check. Jewish holidays? Check. Columbus Day? Check. Halloween? Check. Veterans Day? Check. Thanksgiving? Check. So that’s it? Yep. We made it? Yes we did! Can we say it now? Go ahead! Oh my God, Christmas is coming!!! (cough, cough) Sorry about that. We wait all year for this time and we tend to get a little excited. We have mentioned that we are the crazy Christmas freaks who get their shopping done before Columbus Day and measure the season by the amount of lights our ginormous tree has. The gifts, which we adore, are really secondary. Besides, isn’t it the thought that counts?

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Inner Elf

It is Monday of a crazy week in the CoupleDumb. And we really mean crazy because this week’s theme is losing your mind. We’re not talking about the clinical slow slip into dementia kind of insanity but the kind that takes you because you have just chosen to abandon your senses and give into a moment of cuckoo. Whether it is a moment of fun like shooting someone in the ear with a spit wad or a curse filled tirade at the slow driver in front of us, we all have those times when the doors of our little inner asylum are thrown open and all hell breaks loose.

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