A 40 Year Old On Your Breast

Nothing stays the same. There are no good old days. Our memory has the tendency to romanticize the past especially when you feel threatened. Life is change and fighting this is the cause of depression and anxiety. We know things have a beginning, middle and end and yet we fight every little evolution. There is no better place to prove this than in watching a child. Kids change daily. Don’t believe us? Check out a picture of your kid when they were born and look at them now.

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The High Wire Act of Change

It is Monday after Mother’s Day. Is everybody hung over from buckets of mimosas? Did everybody do Jell-O shooters with their grandma or Jäger shots with their kids? What? That’s how we celebrate the wondrous day that acknowledges the magic of Moms. After many cups of coffee, we have decided to dedicate this week to Change. Change is defined as becoming different or a metamorphosis. Change is often met with apprehension, anxiety and blatant defiance. Our favorite reaction to change is something like the response that Godzilla would get when he was really pissed.

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Change – We Ain’t Talking Money

Say Happy Anniversary again to us! 22 years ago today we started dating! That’s right, we were married one day less than a year after we started dating. Lee thought it would be a good way for Paul to remember their anniversaries and it makes us sound badass that we didn’t even wait a year to get married. Having anniversaries or birthdays make you reexamine life and think of days long passed. Not that we have any regrets but there was a time when resolving to be or do things differently was as normal as putting syrup on your pancakes.

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