Thanks For Letting Us Be Awesome

As a Wife and Mother I have obligations that sometimes are overwhelming. I have to maintain not only my calendar but also one for each of my family members. I know when the science project is due, applications should be submitted, when they need to see the doctor and even when I should cut their hair. It’s these little things that make Mom’s seem like they are magicians and indispensable. However, sometimes the minutia does not allow you to be who you want to be.

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What is Romance?

People are always harping about things being romantic, as if that makes them better. Women are constantly asking us how to make their husbands more romantic and men are always asking what else they could do. CoupleDumb is here to let you in on a little secret that seems to elude the media and romance novelists around the globe: What they show as romance is hardly ever romantic.

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The Dumba Sutra

If you are here then you have come to learn the ancient sex arts of the Dumba Sutra. Last month, CoupleDumb unearthed an article in Women’s Health that prescribed sexual positions to couples which came straight from their ‘experts’. Most of these positions required contortionism, being emotionally and physically vulnerable and probably an old priest and a young priest just in case. The idea of getting into the butter churner position (and yes, we tried- operative term here is ‘tried’) was so ridiculous we decided to try our hand at the special expert art of coming up with weird and disastrous ways to get your groove on. Here are a few positions which we animated so that you can get a good idea of what they take to do.

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An open letter to Taylor Swift from the Relationship Experts of CoupleDumb

Dear Taylor Swift,

Can we call you Taylor? We figure if you are willing to bare all in song, you aren’t worried about simple etiquette. Consider this your public intervention. We have been watching you hop from boy to boy to man for years now with an entire playlist to show for it. The purpose of this letter is to shock you and have you look at your relationships not as song fodder but as omen’s of a lonely, drama-filled life. Admittedly you will be surrounded by your platinum records and money but you will forevermore be branded as a serial relationship killer who will edify your conquest in song.

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Silly Love Myths – We Can Be Friends

What are the gems you have heard in a relationship that have left you scratching your head? What are the clichés that your friends and family tell you to make their so-called relationship less unhealthy? There are so many lies we tell ourselves that keeping the list to three was kind of difficult. Today’s saying is so stupid that the mere mention of it sends us into uncontrollable laughter followed by loss of bladder control. Yes, of course we are talking about the ubiquitous placebo, ‘We are still friends’.

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