Buying Jewelry

Real Relationship Advice Every time that I write about jewelry, it reminds me that I want to get Lee some bling. This is not a ‘have to’ situation. I like giving her jewelry. Besides the fact that it looks pretty on her and makes her feel special, it does something for me. Buying jewelry for Lee gives me the ‘big […]

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Spice Up Your Sex Life

We love writing about sex. We could not do a relationship site without writing about sex. So when DSDShops asked us to write about enhancing your sex life to make for a better relationship, we were delighted. Let’s handle some basics from CoupleDumb. First, sex is not a relationship. Sex is not intimacy. Sex is sex. It can be loving. It can be fun. A relationship is so much more than sex but sex is part of a relationship. Your sex life is a good indicator of how your life and relationship are going.

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A Little On Detox

Lee and I love to write about addictions as any of our readers know. Lee is a substance abuse professional (she actually has papers that say this) and I have worked the other in of substance abuse doing all of the stuff that is needed to make a facility successful and safe. Bottom line is that substance abuse is our thing. So when Blue Water Detox asked us to write something we were delighted.

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