Binary Options Using

Way back in the day, I traded stock. I had an actual portfolio. It was not very big but it had a few shares of American Airline’s stock, before it was AMR, and one hundred shares of Phillips Petroleum. Having this many shares was enough so that I could sell options, which was something that I needed to learn about. I did pretty well at the time. I was getting about 21% return after the brokerage fees. Of course, this was in the days before internet. I actually had to walk into a brokerage firm to trade stocks. I was able to buy and sell options by making a phone call. And the brokerage fee was huge by today’s standards.

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Playing Games

Stress is an energy that is either an external or internal force. It is a reality of life. A certain amount of stress makes us work faster with more focus. It encourages an ambition and has motivated evolutionary shifts. However, stress can also be very unhealthy. Dysfunctional stress is an internal process where the level of anxiety due to an external force becomes overwhelming to one’s system. This includes your physical and emotional well-being.

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