Spidey And Christmas

We love talking about cool toys, especially cool superhero toys for Christmas. Let’s face it, we have two young boys. Our whole life revolves around questions like who would win, Green Lantern or Thor. By the way, Paul says that it is Green Lantern but Bobby disagrees. Ricky abstains because they are two different comic book brands and would never fight. Lee asks for your pity.

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Chillin’ The Doggies

When we moved here from Miami, we brought two dogs with us. One is our daughter’s dog, Bones. The other is the family’s dog, Pecan. My daughter is in college so obviously both dogs are the family dogs but I am calling Bones our daughter’s dog because she babied him so much. She was there when he was born and has carried him like an infant ever since. Then we took both these dogs from suburban Miami to the mountains of Southern California.

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