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Success Logo RGB Digital 610x321 300x157 For Love Of Rice For Love Of RiceThis is our story of how Success® Rice sponsored an excellent meal at our home. We love to cook. Between my husband and me, we are constantly trying out some new recipes or food style and, thankfully, our boys are the adventurous type and will try anything. Recently, after an exhausting camping trip, we wanted something yummy and filling but weren’t excited about spending all-day cooking. What did we decide to make? Easy! Chicken Curry with Success® Jasmine Rice!

rice1 169x300 For Love Of RiceThe chicken curry is really easy to make and you can put in as many vegies as you want to make the meal even healthier. In our case, we don’t even opt for the high fat of a coconut milk or cream and stick with non-fat milk and make a roux when sautéing the vegies. As for the curry, there are lots of powdered combinations out there and you just need to find the one you love with the level of heat you prefer.

rice2 300x169 For Love Of RiceHowever, the star of this meal is really Success ® Jasmine Rice! I grew up eating rice every day and the idea of a meal without it was unfathomable. As an adult, I still love my rice but I usually make it in our rice maker which can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to make. Success ® Jasmine Rice boil in bag rice takes ten minutes and the rice is perfectly cooked, buttery, nutty and is perfectly portioned for a family meal! The bag is BPA free and the cleanup is a cinch! It is a must in every pantry and with options like Success® Whole Grain Brown Rice and Success® White Rice, and globally-inspired aromatic varieties of Success® Rice, including fragrant Thai Jasmine or Basmati Rice, you have a rice for every food style you can think of! They even have great recipe ideas for all four styles of rice they offer.

rice3 169x300 For Love Of Rice

Chicken Curry a la CoupleDumb

3 lbs. Chicken (Frozen chicken breasts-no skin or bones)


4  potatoes (I used Russet but go ahead and pick your favorite)

2 Zucchinis

2 Yellow Squash

Honestly, pick your favorite veggies. Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrots, Spinach….we have used them all. Be sure to cut them all equal sizes to cook evenly.

½ Yellow Onion (finely chopped)

4 Garlic Cloves (crushed)

1 Stick          Butter (I know, you want to keep this healthy. I have found that the butter works better and you will balance this out by using non-fat milk)

1/2 Cup Curry Powder (Your choice. Make it as mild or spicy)

4 tbs  Flour

1 Qt. Non-fat milk

2 Tbs  Chicken Bullion

Salt to taste


Directions :

In a large pot, place cut veggies, bullion, salt and frozen chicken and cover with water. Boil as if making broth. May I suggest to go ahead and make this like you were making soup since there is no sense in throwing out perfectly yummy broth. Plus, you can use it for dinner tomorrow. In the meantime, in a large and deep saucepan, place butter, onions and garlic on medium and sauté them until translucent. Place curry powder in the pan and cook it with the onion and garlic. Add the flour and make a roux. When the flour is completely incorporated and cooked out, add the milk (you can omit the flour if you are using coconut milk or cream). Use a whisk to incorporate everything and whisk until it thickens. When the chicken is completely cooked, carefully take each breast and cut it into bite sized pieces. With a skimmer, remove the rest of the veggies from the broth and add it to the curry mixture along with the chicken. Incorporate it completely and simmer for 10 minutes in the curry. Salt to taste. Serve over Success®Jasmine Rice.

We know that most families are too busy to make exotic fare every night. But Success® Rice makes bringing the world to your table easier!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Success® Rice. The curry and story were provided by and eaten by us. All opinions are our own.

Jul 252014

#Sponsored  #DiscoverBoating

boating 1 300x200 This Is How We Discover Boating This Year

Vacation this year took us from our resort area in Big Bear to the world’s fun place in Miami. Yes, we went from one lake to another. For the adults, this was a mixed trip of business and pleasure. Lee had her residency for her PhD work so we chose to take the whole family and make it a summer thing. For the kids, it was all vacation. Of course, we got to spend some time with our daughter who goes to school in Miami.boating 3 150x150 This Is How We Discover Boating This Year
discoverboating This Is How We Discover Boating This Year This Is How We Discover Boating This Year
The weather was weird this year. When it was not raining, the boys spend most of their time in or on the water. Between the pool and the lake, this was a water filled trip. My brother-in-law has all of the water toys; boat, jet skis, and inflatables. He likes to take the kids out on the jet ski. My brother-in-law mixes speed with safety in a way that only comes with expertise. He and the kids always wear a life vest and the children know what to do in case of accident or emergency. With that, he guns it, going fast by a child’s standards. I have seen him go a lot faster without a child onboard.

boating 2 150x150 This Is How We Discover Boating This YearThere is something magical about having your 7 year old rush up to you with flushed excitement. “We went so fast!” I love my bro-in-law for giving them that experience.

If you want to learn more about boating and watersports, take a look at Discover Boating on FaceBook and Twitter.

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Dad Central for Discover Boating. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Jul 212014

Lee and I love coupons, bonuses and rewards. We are signed up of gas points from our local grocery store, cash back rewards on our credit cards, and entertainment prizes from our cable provider. So when we were asked to review and look at their no deposit bonus, we said sure. If you play online casino games then get your no deposit bonus codes. You can get codes for $75 and $100 as well as some free spins and free rolls.

Jun 132014

#Sponsored #DiscoverBoating

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Dad Central for Discover Boating. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.
discoverboating Discover Boating Discover Boating
our lake 150x150 Discover BoatingWe live on a lake, Lee’s brother lives on a lake, and her father lives on the ocean. Yes, we know something about boating. So it makes sense that Lee and I have become Ambassadors for Discover Boating. It is really Lee’s brother that is the king of boating. He has the boat, the jet skis, and the trailer to tote everything around. Sometimes we are at the lake and other times we go into the ocean.

Father in law sunrise 150x150 Discover Boating
Personally, I (Paul) like the ocean. There is something about the grandness of the open sea that I find mesmerizing. Being out on a calm sea with no one within view is one of the most relaxing ways to spend a day. When we first got married, my father in law had a 34 foot trawler. When docked in the harbor, this was our love boat. (We were newlyweds. What do you expect?) When he took it out, we would go to Catalina Island and spend a day or two. We always liked the isthmus because it was less populated.

Under the category of what boating means to me, I had a water phobia. I did not swim well and, when Lee and I first got married, I would shower oddly. Water could not touch my face. Lee is a big water lover so my fears did not work for either of us. We started to do some hypnosis and desensitization exercises. Fast forward, my crowning achievement was going out to the middle of the ocean and snorkeling. Yes, I was scared out of my wits but I did it. (Apparently, people without hydrophobia consider snorkeling in the ocean a bit scary so it was not just me.)

Like Discover Boating on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. They have a lot of good resources and will be kicking off a contest.

brother in law lake 150x150 Discover BoatingI participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Dad Central for Discover Boating. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Mar 172014

A month ago, I lost my Mom. I had dealt with loss before. I had lost family members who I adored. I had lost best friends suddenly. I had experienced loss through the eyes of my clients and worked at being a source of support. I have been there for family and friends. I have read the books and articles concerning grief, complicated bereavement and can recite the stages from rote. I can honestly say that very little prepares you for loss other than one thing.

leeaidamari An Honest Approach To Grieving

There is only one thing that keeps you mentally healthy all the time. You will still feel the sadness and the pain of the loss. There is no avoiding those feelings. However, if you practice this one thing, you will navigate the grief better.

What’s the secret? HONESTY

One of the stages of grief, according to Kubler-Ross, is denial. You would need to be completely delusional to deny the death of someone. However, this denial is really based in a child-like disbelief based in hope. In the case of my own grief, I will admit to expecting her to enter a room or finding myself waiting for her call. The night she died, my father called me from her phone and I answered it nervously, expecting to hear her voice. When we continue to entertain this hope and not dispel them with rational thinking, we create a lie. In this case, being rational is staying within the honest reality. It is ultimately the saving grace to learning to live without this person.

Honesty also will save you from concocting a myth about the person you have lost. Many of my clients and some family fall into this trap of creating a fairy tale about the deceased. This is where the idea of ‘there are no bad dead people’ comes from. Everybody was a saint when they die. Obviously, this isn’t true about everyone. Denying that your parent was less than perfect is to deny your own trauma or pain from your childhood. By creating this mythical parent or loved one, you deny your own feelings. You are not allowing honest consideration of situations that led to trauma and pain. In my case, my Mom was not perfect. My Mom, up until I was in college, was a workaholic and had little time for kids. Only as I grew up and became an adult did she become a better Mom and a good friend (when I needed her to be).

Honesty also allows you to be real with how you feel. If the tears come up, you cry. If anger bubbles to the surface, you become angry. If the most you can muster during your grief is making a sandwich, then enjoy the sandwich. Be honest with where you are and how you feel. This will allow you to feel and be who you need to be.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friends and family who have been so wonderfully supportive during this time.

Specifically, special shout out to my favorite sister-in-law in the whole wide world who has been a constant source of awesome. Mari, you are amazing and wonderful and beautiful and one of my favorite people on earth.

What’s the point of having a platform if you can’t talk about the people you love?