When you rang in the New Year, did you make a resolution to have more sex? You may not want to admit it but over 51% of people surveyed did! And, over 82% of people indicated that they wished their sex life were more exciting. And, sadly, over 20% of respondents stated that their sex life was unsatisfying. We should never base our relationships on sex but we must acknowledge that having a healthy and fulfilling sex life accentuates a relationship.

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Crisis and Opportunity

A couple of years ago, life threw us for a loop. My husband hurt his back. The man who I had come to know as the most reliable human being in my life, was unable to do the simplest things for quite a while. Our kids had to adjust from asking Daddy to asking Mommy, only. His job was less than accommodating and only compounded the stress during this crisis. My husband, who was almost immobile, could only lay there, frustrated. My job was not only to care for him but to help him spin this injury into something positive.

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Thanksgiving And Fiber

The holidays are a time of family, abundance and overindulgence. This year, since we have committed to eating healthier, we are combating our normal indulgence by doing pre-emptive strikes. We are not willing to lose our winning streak for some turkey and stuffing. However, we won’t lie. We are definitely eating some of that! This year, we are eating smarter. We have gone over past mistakes and are making some corrections.

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