Virtual Piggy

As parents, we have to remember to teach our kids a million things. Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Too much of a good thing is not good. Wear sun screen. As they get older, it is imperative that we teach them about money. In the old days, using cash was a tangible and real way of adding and subtracting money. We could see what we had and what we had left. Today, with credit cards, gift cards and digital shopping outlets, money is almost an abstract concept.

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eBay Holiday Gift Guide

It’s Christmas time and if I have learned anything in my life is that the only way you survive and enjoy the holidays is being organized. Planning menus, making lists and doing things in a timely fashion is the only way to be able to be available to deck the halls and fa la la la la. This is why I am so excited to be writing again about eBay Holiday Gift Guide. I was able to select gifts for my entire family in under 15 minutes! And with their free shipping on 1000s of products, shopping on-line has never been easier!

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