Nov 202014

We have two young boys and the option to slow down is not available to us. Paul just celebrated his 50th birthday and I am quickly approaching my 49th. Even though he is so much older than me, we share one thing that most aging couples do. Pain. Several years ago, both of us suffered back injuries. As we get older, the back flares up. Since I have fibromyalgia, the chronic pain aspect of an old injury is a constant reminder that I need to take care of myself. Seeing a physical therapist every week is just not possible so we went in search of back pain relief that wouldn’t break the bank or require medication.

melts 300x132 The Melt Method

The Melt Method is a natural treatment that you can perform 15 minutes a day to give yourself lower back pain treatment right at home. The Melt Method is a system developed by manual therapist Sue Hitzmann for her patients as homework assignments to deal with chronic pain. 15 minutes a few times a week using this natural pain relief will help you be pain free and continue having an active lifestyle.

The Melt Method is based on scientifically tested and proven methods of treatment. The system uses the research done on connective tissues and pelvic and spine stability to develop a self-treatment akin to having an evidenced based manual treatment! This method addresses the stress and pain trapped in our connective tissue. People with Fibromyalgia understand the importance of connective tissue and how stuck stress in those areas can cause pain. Addressing these issues helps an individual improve their flexibility, mobility, posture, range of motion and overall wellbeing. When all those things are addressed, you also benefit by having more restful sleep and overall better health!

This system is unlike anything you have seen before because it addresses the neural and connective tissue systems. If you are like us, a lower back pain can escalate quickly into sciatica which will limit your movement. This system goes beyond the skeleton-muscular system and straight to the root of the problem. And, for only 15 minutes a day a few times a week, we can get back to hiking, bike riding and the occasional game of tag without worrying about pain.

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Nov 112014

 Petz Beach Review

petz1 Petz Beach ReviewOur kids, like all other kids, love their video games. The sound of gaming music is a constant din on car trips and gleeful screams of my boys celebrating attaining yet another level or accomplishing a task are the source of endless noise. Like all parents, we worry about video games that are violent and there is always the concern that they may become couch potatoes. Ubisoft, the great brand that brought us Just Dance and Assassins Creed, brings us Petz Beach!

petz dog 169x300 Petz Beach ReviewIf you haven’t ever seen a Nintendo 3DS Petz game before, you are in for a world of cute. We first came upon this when our daughter wanted Dogz a several years ago. She was a teenager and she loved (loves) dogs. We didn’t get it but as long as it wasn’t a game that was inappropriate, we got it. She would sit there with her then baby brothers and play. When she got older, my boys would play with the Dogz and get new ones and name them and pet them and…

petz beach Petz Beach ReviewWhen they got Petz Beach, we figured, since they were older now they would be cool about it- you know, they are 10 and 7, too cool to freak out about an animal game. Wrong! They ripped into in and immediately started playing. My 10 year old was so happy he could choose a beagle and even a penguin to care for. My 7 year old loves dressing them up and putting glasses on all the animals. What I love is that it keeps them both entertained, it allows them to be creative and it is a game based on the idea of caring for another living being. Sure, it is a digital representation of a living being but there is no quest, no need to hurt or kill or beat….it is just caring and fun! They get to complete missions and learn about the pets they are caring for!

petz rick 169x300 Petz Beach ReviewYes, I know, kids want all the new hot, slightly inappropriate, games. That doesn’t mean you can’t slip this one in their stocking as a surprise. It was released in October and is available right now on Amazon. We are also going to purchase Petz Countryside- another great Petz 3DS game that actually allows kids to have their pets cross over game platforms- from Beach to Countryside!
We love the Petz Game from Ubisoft and would recommend giving them to both boys and girls as a way to let them play and grow their caring for others. Besides, these cute Petz will not need to be bathed, fed or walked by you. That’s your kid’s job.

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Nov 052014

Paul and I love technology and believe that it is a great resource for learning. If we would have had these options as kids we would definitely have grown up to be astronauts but, alas, we were born too soon. We love introducing the kids to new apps that help in the learning process. Kid Academy has introduced some great choices for early learners that we think are a must on every parent’s iPhone or iPad.

 Kids Academy AppsThis app allows my little one to play and work on his handwriting, letters and numbers. The tracing component is brilliant. After they learn their letters and numbers, kids tend to get ‘lazy’ with some. My little one told me that he had ‘lazy 5s’ that were looking more like ‘s’ than a number. Just a couple of minutes a day tracing had him writing beautifully. I even had my 10 year old practice his letters through the tracing function to try to break those bad habits. This app also has phonics which is great for early readers or even those kids who need to brush up on their fundamentals. As the Mom of two left handed boys, being given the option of which hand they write with was a great feature. I strongly recommend this app for early learners!!

 Kids Academy AppsYou can tell this is an app based on Montessori methods. My son loves the stories and the music keeps him entertained during long car rides. Their tracing feature is my favorite part because it is helping him refine his writing. Kid Academy does it again!

 Kids Academy AppsI remember singing Bingo to my daughter when she was little. Kid Academy has included a bunch of old favorites with a new twist in this app. I love hearing the little ones sing these. Learning should be fun and Kid Academy makes sure it is! They learn their letters in a meaningful manner with the Karaoke Mode. Great use of salient research to help little learners!

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Oct 172014

Healthy mind and healthy body- two very important elements when you are committed to your own well-being. Paul and I have been working hard at maintaining our mental well-being through therapy and honest communication. As for our healthy bodies, the process has been to include daily exercise, stretching and eating cleaner every day. I have also been drinking Youth H20 every day for the last few days and I feel fantastic! Instead of loading up a bunch of drug store vitamins and purport to provide the vitamins we need, I am drinking YouthH20 which is packed with organic superfoods that enhance beauty, performance and wellness!

30oz superfoods 200x300 Staying Healthy With YouthH2O

YouthH20 is a youth activating concentrate that awakens your youth hormones. Within the daily 2oz bottle, you are getting:

  • Natural Vitamin C which improves collagen and elasticity in our skin from Camu Camu
  • Antioxidants from Purple Corn that provide the highest natural source to combat the free radicals that are known to cause the signs of aging.
  • Adaptagens for natural sustainable energy to recharge your batteries from Maca.
  • Great source of Niacin, Folic Acid, B6 and B12

CamuBowl 300x199 Staying Healthy With YouthH2O This amazing superfood concentrate has also been shown to aid in weight loss, improve your skin and is a source for natural energy. As you know, more energy, more libido! This super food is caffeine free, sugar free, gluten free and vegan! This shot of awesome helps balance the hormones of both men and women and boosts our health from the inside out.

I started taking YouthH20 when I went on vacation with my two boys and husband. I immediately noticed that I had more energy and was able to play with them to the point where they were conking out before I did. Also, I noticed that I slept well after long days of tennis, swimming and long walks.WholeMacaBowl 300x199 Staying Healthy With YouthH2O

I also recommend this product because the makers, ReVival, have a commitment to people and their health. They believe in using science and nutrition to combat health issues. They are committed to leaving no one behind and health for all. To that end, they are having me give-away a life-changing supply of this amazing product. They really mean it when they say- Leave No One Behind.

PurpleCorn 300x224 Staying Healthy With YouthH2O Thanks to Revival for our supply of YouthH20. All opinions are ours.

Oct 082014

As Paul approaches his 50th birthday, the thoughts of gifts to commemorate this auspicious birthday are occupying much of our time. This past year has been one of transformation and changes both physically and emotionally. His training for American Ninja Warrior has him doing things he never thought possible. At the same time, the sore muscles and occasional strains are an inevitability. Thank goodness Salonpas sent us a whole box of their different products to try out.

We have previously expounded on our love for Salonpas and how this is the only topical pain reliever we use. We always have Salonpas Pain Relief Patches on hand for the occasional back or neck pain. Just recently, we can credit Salonpas for relieving the pain of a horrible neck stiffness. Paul put two patches on me before bed and I woke up good as new.

The Deep Relieving Gel is also a great  way to deal with the soreness of new workouts. Right before bed, I rub some of the gel on Paul’s sore muscles and the gel continues to work for a long while afterwards. He can get some sleep and wake up refreshed. The newer pain relief gel patches still provide that great Salonpas topical pain reliever but they don’t stay on like the original patches. They seem to be better suited for wearing during the day but still seem to buckle and not stay put.

We can’t say enough about how much we love this product. We recommend them to everyone.

Thanks to the Salonpas folks for the box of their products. No other remuneration was received for this review. All opinions and sore muscles are ours.