Aug 152014

Have I told you how much I love Mexican food? It isn’t a secret. I have also told you that our go-to Mexican brand is Del Real. We adore them! From their tamales to their pupusas, Del Real makes the best Mexican food that you can buy at your local store.

Del Real 1 300x200 Del Real Challenge   Cuban Sandwich

Del Real Foods is running a recipe challenge using the delicious Del Real Food products. Since I am a Cuban, and our meat of choice is pork, I am naturally drawn to their Carnitas. If you have never tried them, stop right here and get in your car and drive to Costco and buy some. They go well in tacos, burritos or even on some rice and beans. They are seasoned lightly enough to embellish but are perfect right out of the microwave!Del Real 1.5 150x150 Del Real Challenge   Cuban Sandwich

So, for my recipe challenge entry, I created the Del Real Foods Carnitas Cuban Sandwich!!




1 Package Del Real Carnitas

3 Tbs.   Butter

½ Tsp  Garlic

¼ Tsp Ground Cumin

2 Tsp Lemon (Or bitter orange if you have some which you probably don’t)

1 Pkg Bolillo or Torta Rolls

 Sliced Dill Pickles

  Swiss Cheese

  Yellow Mustard

          Prepare the Del Real Carnitas as directed on the package. In a saute pan, add 1 tablespoon butter, garlic, cumin and lemon. Add the hot carnitas out of the package and place in pan. Mix thoroughly and take the time to break up the meat. Take the roll and split it and add mustard, pickles, cheese and meat. Now, this is the most important part that separates a pork sandwich from a Cuban sandwich- a panini press, a little butter on the outside of the bread and press until it is crunchy. It should look like the picture.Del Real 3 300x200 Del Real Challenge   Cuban SandwichDel Real 2 300x200 Del Real Challenge   Cuban Sandwich

Whether we win or lose, these Del Real Foods Carnitas Cuban Sandwich are the next best thing to going to Miami!

Aug 092014

They gave us a speaker to review and one to give away.

sol deck 300x200 Sol Republic Giveaway

The following is a back to school post about head phones and a speaker system so cool you think you are living in the future.

If you are like us, you just realized that you have to get your kids ready for school. If you are exactly like us, you have one in College, one in 5th grade and the other in 2nd. The little ones need the basic stuff: new backpack, pencils, markers and crayons, all of which will be lost in a month. However, for our college kid who goes to school 3000 miles away and lives in a dorm, her needs are very different. Sure, she may need pencils but she can buy those herself. What then is imperative for your college kid’s back to school supplies? MUSIC!

sol headphones 150x150 Sol Republic Giveaway         SOL Republic is our favorite music listening device brand. The market is glutted now with everyone trying to outdo the others with prettier colors or some celebrity doing some graphic designs for the product. The truth is, yeah, you can plug your head phones into your phone and you will hear music. SOL however, is light-years ahead of these folks. Their Master Tracks On-Ear Head Phones are so comfortable that you forget you are wearing headphones and yet the sound quality is amazing.  Why do we think our daughter will love these? Easy. Aside from the great sound and the fact you can wear these on a plane and they are so comfy, you can change the headband to suit your mood and match your outfits. The 3 function cord allows the wearer to skip songs, adjust the volume and also to be used as a microphone for incoming calls. Yeah, you read that right.sol headphone 2 150x150 Sol Republic Giveaway

SOL Republic’s Master Track headphones are our favorite but the product that every college kid needs in their back to school supplies is the Deck Portable Wireless Speaker. The Deck is a small, unobtrusive device that acts like a wireless speaker and a speaker phone that you command through your blue tooth as far as 300 feet away. This speaker can easily be paired up with your music devices and play your favorite tunes. You control the volume and sound level from our own device. But, beware, on heist mode, your friends may take over the party!

The sound quality is in a word AWESOME! You can’t believe that such a small device can pack such sound. In a dorm room it would be fantastic but you can easily move the party to the beach. It charges quickly and is completely wireless but comes with inputs if you don’t have Blue tooth.

5 Reasons why we love Sol Republic’s Deck Portable Wireless Speaker:

  1. Instantly fill the room with great sounding music.
  2. Easily move that sound outside next to the pool or in the yard while you garden.
  3. It is so compact it can fit your purse or backpack and comes with a carrying case made from wet suit material!
  4. Doing a presentation? Connect this speaker to your computer and fill the auditorium with sound!
  5. Having a romantic picnic? How about bringing your portable orchestra to play Bolero for you!

O.K., the last one was not for the kids and our daughter should completely disregard that one.

So now that we have given you the perfect idea for your college kid, let us up the ante by giving away a Sol Republic Deck Portable Wireless Speaker! Yes, you can be their favorite parent or completely forget about them and keep it for yourself. That’s between you and your kid.

How do you enter? Easy. Go to the Rafflecopter giveaway
and go to town. The contest ends on September 7, 2014.  Good Luck!

We were provided a Master Track headphone and Deck Portable Wireless Speaker for review. All opinions are ours and we will not be giving our daughter either of these since she already has a Deck and headphones because we told you we love SOL Republic.

Jul 022014

shark tank 300x169 Shark Tank Giveaway         My parents came to this country over 50 years ago and in less than 5 years, they owned their own business. Their entrepreneurial spirit is what this great country was founded on. This is probably why we love Shark Tank so much. The premise of the show is to put inventors and entrepreneurs in front of very successful business people who may or may not want to invest in their project or business. The beauty is also that they give these people advice. These titans of industry know what they are talking about since many of the products that they have invested in have gone on to great success. Consider the Shark Tank box that has some of the coolest items that were featured on the show.

Shark Tank is on Tuesdays on CNBCPrimeTV @8pm. And, because they are so awesome, you too can get a Shark Tank box. #sharktankswag

To enter, take a look at then go to our Rafflecopter form and tell us your favorite shark!

The contest runs from July 2 to August 2 just in time for Shark Week!!

Jun 052014

Our 10 year old has braces. Apparently, when he got his braces, the orthodontist put the fear of God into him regarding brushing and flossing. The conversation was something to the effect that his parents were going to spend thousands of dollars so that he can have a great smile and he was going to ruin that by having his teeth ruined by poor brushing. Since the braces came on in February, he has been a trooper. He brushes after every meal and flosses at least once a day. Even with all that, it wasn’t until he started brushing with the new Reach toothbrush that the orthodontist gave him high marks in dental hygiene.

head gear 225x300 Reach Toothbrushes

It isn’t normal to have your 10 year old tell you that a toothbrush has changed his life. My son not only has the braces but also an expander that sits on the roof of his mouth. He painstakingly tries to clean around the appliance but with the Reach toothbrush, it is actually working. Reach Complete Care is angled to hit all the spots the normal brush can’t get to. Bobby is using the Complete Care Triple Angle Pro which helps him get between teeth as well as his gums.

Because of the dental transformation, my 7 year old started using a Reach Complete Care brush as well and just got back from the dentist with a clean mouth and a high five from the hygienist. Now, we all use Reach brushes and are happy with the results.

Go get your Reach Complete Care toothbrushes today!

The lovely people at Reach sent us the Reach Complete Care kit for review. No other compensation was received. All opinions and teeth are ours!

Apr 252014

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.

I have three kids who range in age from 21 to 7. I have one in college who texts me whenever and I have two boys who don’t leave me alone. Recently, they have been talking about the World’s Hardest Job and said that being a Mom wins the title.

I don’t know about that. I definitely would never want to inseminate cattle or be a mortician but when I think about it, being a Mom even incorporates some of those jobs as well.
mom o graph What Is The Hardest Job?
American Greetings created a job announcement based on a Mom’s job which included a job description for a ‘Director of Operations’ and placed it across 27 markets through job postings, 14 market newspaper classified ads and 2 Google sponsored ad units, resulting in 2.7MM impressions. They only had 24 applicants thus the idea behind the World’s Hardest Job. Did they miss anything in the job description? Go tell them at

This Mother’s Day is different. This is my first since my Mom passed and also one of my kids is 3000 miles away. I have decided to celebrate one of my favorite Moms who also happens to be watching out for and taking care of my 21 year old while she is on break from school. My sister-in-law also has three kids; 2 girls, 14 and 11 (God bless her) and a little guy who is 8. She has her hands full with CCD, singing, drums and God knows what else her kids are doing. She is a chef, taxi, mechanic, teacher and artisan who makes beautiful jewelry. Most of all, she would be my nominee for holding the World’s Toughest Job. Mari, you are awesome!cardstore 300x225 What Is The Hardest Job?

I took a few minutes and created a greeting card for her from and it only took a minute to personalize it and share with her how special I think she is. I could add a photo but chose to keep it simple and from the heart. The best part? Cardstore sends it to her and I don’t have to hunt for a stamp! We have a special offer for you. You can  redeem coupon code CCF4249 on their website.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.
 What Is The Hardest Job?