Jun 052014

Our 10 year old has braces. Apparently, when he got his braces, the orthodontist put the fear of God into him regarding brushing and flossing. The conversation was something to the effect that his parents were going to spend thousands of dollars so that he can have a great smile and he was going to ruin that by having his teeth ruined by poor brushing. Since the braces came on in February, he has been a trooper. He brushes after every meal and flosses at least once a day. Even with all that, it wasn’t until he started brushing with the new Reach toothbrush that the orthodontist gave him high marks in dental hygiene.

head gear 225x300 Reach Toothbrushes

It isn’t normal to have your 10 year old tell you that a toothbrush has changed his life. My son not only has the braces but also an expander that sits on the roof of his mouth. He painstakingly tries to clean around the appliance but with the Reach toothbrush, it is actually working. Reach Complete Care is angled to hit all the spots the normal brush can’t get to. Bobby is using the Complete Care Triple Angle Pro which helps him get between teeth as well as his gums.

Because of the dental transformation, my 7 year old started using a Reach Complete Care brush as well and just got back from the dentist with a clean mouth and a high five from the hygienist. Now, we all use Reach brushes and are happy with the results.

Go get your Reach Complete Care toothbrushes today!

The lovely people at Reach sent us the Reach Complete Care kit for review. No other compensation was received. All opinions and teeth are ours!

Apr 252014

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.

I have three kids who range in age from 21 to 7. I have one in college who texts me whenever and I have two boys who don’t leave me alone. Recently, they have been talking about the World’s Hardest Job and said that being a Mom wins the title.

I don’t know about that. I definitely would never want to inseminate cattle or be a mortician but when I think about it, being a Mom even incorporates some of those jobs as well.
mom o graph What Is The Hardest Job?
American Greetings created a job announcement based on a Mom’s job which included a job description for a ‘Director of Operations’ and placed it across 27 markets through job postings, 14 market newspaper classified ads and 2 Google sponsored ad units, resulting in 2.7MM impressions. They only had 24 applicants thus the idea behind the World’s Hardest Job. Did they miss anything in the job description? Go tell them at http://po.st/jZxAGd.

This Mother’s Day is different. This is my first since my Mom passed and also one of my kids is 3000 miles away. I have decided to celebrate one of my favorite Moms who also happens to be watching out for and taking care of my 21 year old while she is on break from school. My sister-in-law also has three kids; 2 girls, 14 and 11 (God bless her) and a little guy who is 8. She has her hands full with CCD, singing, drums and God knows what else her kids are doing. She is a chef, taxi, mechanic, teacher and artisan who makes beautiful jewelry. Most of all, she would be my nominee for holding the World’s Toughest Job. Mari, you are awesome!cardstore 300x225 What Is The Hardest Job?

I took a few minutes and created a greeting card for her from Cardstore.com and it only took a minute to personalize it and share with her how special I think she is. I could add a photo but chose to keep it simple and from the heart. The best part? Cardstore sends it to her and I don’t have to hunt for a stamp! We have a special offer for you. You can  redeem coupon code CCF4249 on their website.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.
 What Is The Hardest Job?

Mar 112014

3 years ago we moved to the mountains of Southern California to live a healthier lifestyle. In the mountains, we spend more time outside, take long walks and hikes and plan adventures a few times a month. Part of living a healthier life is keeping as many toxins outside of our home. This sounds easy but there are so many innocuous things out there that are toxic. Here are some of the things we have outlawed in our home:

before after kitchen carpet 225x300 Detox Your Home

1. Air Fresheners: Seriously, they may make the house smell nice but the amount of toxins they have is not worth it. 14 of the bestselling air fresheners have phthalates and volatile organic compounds.

  • What we use instead: If we want to freshen up the smell of our home, we take orange peel, cloves and a cup of water and let it simmer on the stove. It smells great and is not toxic. Also, nothing smells better than opening the doors and letting the Pine Trees freshen up our home.

2. Creams and Lotions: Living in the mountains is beautiful but awfully dry. We all have to use lotion on a daily basis to protect our skin. However, most lotions are chock full of chemicals and toxins that are less than healthy.

  • What we use instead: We go to our favorite healthier stores and pick up the gallon jugs of toxin free lotion. You save on packaging and the lotions tend to work better than those that are loaded with carcinogens and toxicants.

3. Carpet Cleaners: We have two boys and two dogs and a house filled with carpet. Keeping the carpet clean is the crucial if we want a clean home. The majority of carpet cleaners out there are have ammonium hydroxide which pretty much means you should never lay on the floor and should probably learn to levitate.

  • What we use instead: If you would have asked us a few weeks ago, we would have told you how we use baking soda to pick up those nasty odors but that does very little for the stains. Now, we have experienced the results of having Zerorez clean our carpets.

Zerorez cleaned our carpets this week and the stains are gone and the house smells amazing. The best part of having them clean our carpets is feeling 100% comfortable with letting the boys sit on the carpet again. Zerorez actually uses water to clean. The water is a patented high pH water solution that is so pure the technicians will drink it right in front of you.

drinking the water 225x300 Detox Your HomePaul was suspicious so he drank it himself. No chemicals. No soups or solvents.

And it cleans very well.



Zerorez will also do the following:

Carpet Cleaning (great on berber!)

Area rug cleaning (incl wool, silk, cotton, Persians)

Upholstery cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning and resealing

Natural stone cleaning (marble, travertine, etc.)

Hardwood clean and buff

Mattress cleaning

Air Ducts and Furnace cleaning

Pet urine removal

Linoleum and vinyl tile cleaning

Counter top cleaning

Shower cleaning

Leather furniture cleaning

Patio decks, garage floors, walkways

Autos, boats, and motorhomes cleaning

Carpet stretch and repair

Commercial facility cleaning

These guys make keeping your home safer from toxins much easier.

You can find them at www.facebook.com/OfficialZerorezSocal and follow them on Twitter.

We participated in a campaign on behalf of Mamavation for Zerorez. We received promotional item to thank us for our participation. All opinions are our own.

Mar 052014

There is no reason to try to look older. Time will handle that for you. As people that have seen almost a half of a century, we know what it is like to look back as well as look forward. The ending events of your senior year are one of the first real times that you experience this. Of all of the festivities, prom is one that spans time. It is a celebration of the past, a singularity of your present self, and a memory that will shared over and over in your lifetime.

prom dress 218x300 Being Beautiful Forever

To give you an idea of what we mean, we took a look at the prom dresses on JJsHouse.com and asked ourselves whether or not these dresses are something that a young woman will be proud to wear now as well as share photos thirty years in the future. Understand that your life is not a fixed moment in time. Prom will be magical but you will have so many more amazing events in your lifetime. Your self-esteem and your personality need to show in what you wear and it needs to translate into the future. Your future self will have her own self-image and will want to hear her children and grandchildren tell her how beautiful she was.

The dress that called to us was a classic chiffon. It is appropriate for an emerging adult, has style at works for today, and will translate through time. Like looking at Elizabeth Taylor in the past, chose your dress by asking if the dress would work in the fifties, sixties, and the 2100’s. That is the definition of true elegance and will maintain your beauty throughout time.

Mar 042014

We love our boys but they are pigs. The five second rule easily turns into the five minute rule if there is an engaging cartoon to distract them. Hell, we have seen them eat an old Fruit Loop from under the couch which means that there is a five month rule that we did not know about. We are not clean freaks in the least. We believe in mud and dirt. We know that some bacteria is good for the immune system but sometimes we just look at them and say, “Dude…gross!”

before and after 300x200 The Five Second Rule With Upgrades

We got the carpets cleaned the other day. With two dogs and two boys, we like to have them cleaned every few months, mainly for the smell. Yes, the five second rule may be variable but once food or stinky feet hit the carpet, the smell does not easily come out. There is not stinky candle in the world that can mask those odors. The company that came out is called Zerorez. They use a special system that does not use harmful soap. They call it Empowered Water and, yes, we think the name is cute. We are all about empowerment, even for water. Instead they ionize the water. The extra hydrogen in the water does the same thing as a soap molecule but without the residue. Our house smells nice and is bacteria depleted. (There is no universe where our house is bacteria free.)zero2 300x200 The Five Second Rule With Upgrades

Zerorez has an offer going for our readers. They will clean 2 areas (up to 200 sq feet each) for $99. It covers carpet, hardwood, tile and grout, and natural stone. They also do upholstery but that price is different. Give them a call and ask. You can find them at www.facebook.com/OfficialZerorezSocal and follow them on Twitter.zero1 300x200 The Five Second Rule With Upgrades

We participated in a campaign on behalf of Mamavation for Zerorez. We received promotional item to thank us for our participation. All opinions are our own.