Mar 302015

The people at BODYARMOR sent a six-pack of their sports drinks for the boys and me (Paul) to try and review. The concept of exercise is a little different in our world. We live in the mountains outside of Los Angeles, about 7,500 feet up. The boys do karate and the normal running activities of school but most of our physical exertion comes out on the trails, hiking or jogging through the woods. I run three times a week on a trail rated as moderate difficulty, stopping every few minutes to do bodyweight exercises like pushup, pull-ups, and squats.BottleLineup NEW with LL 300x161 BODYARMOR Review

Unlike when we lived in Miami and I could break a sweat brushing my teeth, maintain perspiration at this altitude is difficult. I sweat but it evaporates so quickly that I do not notice it. Instead of a sensual gleam, I get a layer of salt like I just stepped out of one of those Korean scrubs. Staying hydrated in the thin, dry air of the mountains is quite the chore. It makes it worse that I do not like most of the sports drinks out there. They tend to taste artificial and “salty” to me.

So the three males of the family tested the BODYARMOR sports drinks and we liked them. There is nothing artificial in them and I could tell. They did not have that weird “I am drinking something from a lab” flavor. They tasted more juice like even though they had all kinds of electrolytes and vitamins. I drank the Mango and the Strawberry and the boys had the rest. The eight-year old liked the lemonade the most, pounding it back like he was at a kegger. The kid has the eating habits of a frat boy.

If you would like to try them yourself, BODYARMOR has given us downloadable coupons that you can get by clicking here. You can get the drinks at Ralphs and Stater Bros. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

This is a sponsored review but all opinions are our own.

Feb 092015

As one gets older, it becomes apparent that the occasional vitamin C or shot of wheatgrass at a natural food store isn’t enough to keep everything working smoothly. Making sure that I am taking something to promote my health while making sure it doesn’t interfere with my gut health in addition to taking the appropriate enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants to promote wellness and energy sounds like a full time job! This is why I am very happy to promote and write about AltoViva Supplements because they provide all of that and more.

AltoViva Supplements Blood Type Diet Health And Your Blood Type #AltoViva

What sets AltoViva Supplements apart from all of the other products is that they are formulated to work with your blood type. Certain blood types require more or less of certain health promoting supplements. AltoViva took this knowledge and formulated their product for all blood types and explains how we are different and what we need to keep our bodies working at optimal levels.  Specifically, when the gut is healthy then the other supplements can actually work.

The formulation specifically provides the following supplements:

  • Synbiotics: Probiotics + prebiotics to support digestive health and a healthy immune system
  • Multivitamin and mineral blend to promote healthy energy and vitality
  • Enzymes and amino acids to support cellular health
  • Herbal and antioxidant whole food extracts to help maintain whole body wellness and a healthy aging process


With gut health and overall immunological wellness, the energy and vitality we need to maintain an active lifestyle and robust life is well within our grasps.

I began taking AltoViva Supplements in January, during cold and flu season. While the rest of the world was complaining of congestion, I was taking walks. While the rest of the world was agonizing over post-holiday stomach issues, I was enjoying the new restaurant down the street. In a matter of days, I noticed a difference in my energy and was sleeping better, too!

The supplement is easy to take- you simply mix it with your favorite green drink or juice and drink it up. I made it part of my morning routine right after my meditation and before my coffee. All you need to do is know your blood type and order the product. If you don’t know your blood type, the great people of AltoViva will send you a test kit that you can do at home for a less than $10.

Getting older doesn’t mean we have to slow down. AltoViva is making sure I have the get –up-and-go I need to keep up with my routine.

This is a paid review – we received the product and compensation for this post. All opinions, as always, are ours.

Feb 062015

#JordWatch  What do you give the man who has everything – namely you? I ask myself this all the time. My man is simple. He has tastes that run from the extremely geeky/nerdy spectrum to refined. He likes the nicer things but also is a minimalist. When I shop for him, I go for metaphor since that appeals to his creative side as well. For Valentine’s, I would like to give him the gift of time. What better way to show this than a gorgeous wood watch from Jord. In one beautiful piece of wearable art, the watch tells him that he is both unique and timeless.

IMAG0941 2 290x300 Jord Wood Watches

The Jord watches are not your everyday watches that are massed produced and exact clones of the one before. The wood adds a sense of uniqueness. No piece can be the same since every piece of wood looks different. Each Jord watch represents craftsmanship and an attention to detail that is evident in every timepiece. It is not only functional and efficient but is rich with details from the very wood they use to create these timepieces.

IMAG0941 1 195x300 Jord Wood WatchesThe faces of Jord Wood Watches are also a thing of beauty. You do not need to lose functionality and can choose from intricate timepieces to simple faces that add to the richness of the wood.

This Valentine’s, I will give my husband a Jord Watch that is as rich, deep, and beautiful as he is. The best part is that I can share that with you as well. Jord Watches is giving away a gift certificate (value $139.00) to one of our lucky readers.IMAG0937 1 150x150 Jord Wood Watches

If you want a watch for Valentine’s you can order them by 3pm on Tuesday (2/10/2015 – USA only) and they promise it will get there for your special someone on that special day.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Alex. You will be getting an email from us shortly.

Thank you to Jord Watches for giving us the opportunity to write about and review their gorgeous watches. All opinions are ours.

Dec 152014

Every year, Paul asks me, “What do you want for Christmas?” Every year I have the same things on my list. World Peace. End to Hunger. When I get serious though, my wants are usually all the same. I love music. I love yummy perfume. I love luggage. Here is my list for Christmas this year- feel free to steal it or forward it to your significant other. Also, our gift to you is at the end!punk 300x300 Gift Guide For Women

  1. Sol Republic PUNK

We have told you how much we love SOL Republic. The sound quality from their headphones and the Deck is unparalleled. We were skeptical about the Punk because it is a Bluetooth speaker that it a little bigger than a deck of cards. Our doubts were silly. This is SOL and the Punk is no punk. The sound quality rivals the Deck and as a Bluetooth speaker delivers a rich sound from even over 50 feet away from Bluetooth device. It is also water, dust and shock resistant. You can even choose to use it for your computer speaker if you don’t have Bluetooth.  For the price, you can’t beat it.

  1. Pure Natural Diva

If you are like me, you are also trying to detoxify your body and home. Pure Natural Diva has a full line of beauty products that are all natural and safe. These scents were created without synthetics or chemicals.  They are 100% natural and 100% delicious. They also have a bath and skincare products line!

  1. eBags Mother Lode TLS Mini 21″ Wheeled Duffel

I hate checking baggage and a good carry on is hard to find. The eBags Mother Lode is massive. It uses all its space so you can pack several days’ worth of clothing and still have room in the alternate pockets to pack your toiletries! It comes with a hard back on the luggage for extra support and the wheels are large so you won’t have problems running down the concourse. The eBags Mother Lode is a study bag (that comes in 7 colors). Wheely carry ons not your style? The eBags Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible is a back pack that can carry it all!

Now, the fun part. Want a SOL Republic PUNK of your very own? Fill out the Rafflecopter giveaway
and win one just in time for the Holidays!

Nov 262014

I remember waking up on Christmas morning and tip-toeing down the long hallway to the living room where the tree was. Perhaps my memory has been colorized with hues of nostalgia but I can recall that the room glowed. The presents were everywhere and for good measure, Santa would usually leave a gift in the fireplace as if he dropped it or it was an after-thought. After that it was a day filled with board games and sad memories of a Gnip Gnop Game that never quite worked. Here are some gifts that are going to make the room glow for your kids!

  1. BOOMco. Rapid Madness Blaster

If you have kids and they watch any amount of television, you know it’s all about the BOOMco. I have admitted here on many occasions that I love to play with Nerf guns and have a few stashed throughout the house to shoot my boys with the need arises. BOOMco is taking these types of toys to a whole other level. These rapid fire blasters can shoot twenty soft darts in seconds and up to 50 feet. I don’t know about your kids but these bad boys are on my list for Santa- I mean my boy’s list.

  1. Mon Premier Bebe Bath Pink Baby Doll by Corolle

When I was a little girl, my Mother would bring home dolls all the time. Mostly because she loved dolls. The Corolle Mon Premier Bebe is perfect for the doll lover in your life who loves to take baths with their dollies. This baby doll dries out perfectly and will not develop mold. She is super soft and the perfect sleep and bath mate for your child.

  1. Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon Figure, 10 Inch

If you are like my family, you loved Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. My youngest loved Rocket Raccoon and this 10” Action Figure is the Perfect stocking stuffer for my little guy. Rocket Raccoon’s blaster lights up, spins and your child can choose the battle sounds!

  1. Fisher-Price Imaginext Batbot

I have to admit- I am partial to Imaginext. Even when we go to department stores with the kids and they beg to see the toys, I am standing right next to them looking at their line-up. The Batbot is so cool! He is an RC bot that you can take around the house – it’s a car that transforms into a BOT! With claw and shooting functions, I can enjoy this toy for a long time. I mean, my son can enjoy this toy for a long time.