A Shot At Redemption

A while back, I found out that one of my favorite teachers passed away. Sister Leticia was an Irish nun who was rail thin, precise and I’d heard rumors that rulers were standardized on her posture. Sister Leticia was one of those teachers that make an indelible mark on your psyche, that forms you and makes you who you are. No, this is not another Catholic horror story but an homage to a woman who had a hand at making me ‘me’.

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Life Is Too Short

Life happens. Sometimes, when life is lifing at you, it’s seems so hard to feel safe. You feel small, invisible, buffeted around and generally a victim of the whims of fate. You wake up thinking, ‘what next?’ Or you wait for the other shoe to fall. In a marriage, you will have times like these; times that will try your patience, love and even your commitment. CoupleDumb is discussing weathering the storms of life this week. Today we will discuss dealing with crises that occur outside of your home.

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Mental Health In The New Year

CoupleDumb is quickly approaching its 4 Year Anniversary. In honor of the New Year, we are dedicating our site to Mental Health in the year 2013. Specifically, we will be spending some time on a weekly basis to address different areas of Mental Health, especially issues concerning the mental health needs for our veterans. Our goal is to create an understanding and awareness of mental health, like that of a yearly physical or a trip to the dentist. Being mentally healthy is as important as taking your vitamins or 10,000 steps a day.

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