Sep 032011

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As you may have read or heard or seen on this site, we just moved. It wasn’t one of those ‘down the street’ kind of moves. It wasn’t a move to nicer neighborhood or bigger house. We moved from one side of the United States to another. As if that wasn’t enough, we moved from Miami where the elevation was in the negative numbers to the mountains of San Bernardino County of California. We moved from a place where the population developed gills to be able to breathe the humidity ladened air to a place that redefines dryness and the air is thin.

We have been discussing this move in our weekly web show, Making the Move on Mingle Media TV. We have discussed the logistical, practical and emotional aspects of a move for a family. Logistics were completely taken out of our control because we were moved by the wonderful hands of America’s Moving Services. We had nothing to fear regarding our possessions. They were extremely professional and handled the pick-up of our housewares with aplomb. While we fretted whether we would ever see our keepsakes, the great people of America’s Moving Services inventoried every one of our possessions, numbered the boxes and set about nestling our stuff for the 3000 mile trip. We were called by the main office to assure us that everything was on schedule. In fact, our driver contacted us and gave us updates as to his progress.

Our belongings arrived in California just 10 days after they set off on their long journey. This may seem long to the uninitiated but trust us, it’s not. Sixteen years ago, we left Los Angeles and moved to Miami. We contracted someone who was recommended by several families. He loaded his truck one day and we did not see it again for over a month. Then, to add insult to injury, he held it hostage until we paid him more money to get our belongings. But the very best part was the fact that he had Lee unload the truck, stole several of our boxes and even left some of them with other families. It was only because these other families were responsible and called the number on the boxes that we were able to retrieve our shoes and some of our daughter’s toys. Our experience with America’s Moving Services was nothing like this. Honestly, they made the move so smooth that aside from packing (which we did not have them do but they do offer the service), they have taken the headache out of moving completely.

Our movers arrived and quickly emptied their truck. Granted, in Miami they ran between getting boxes and dropping them off. The new house has a great view but the price is a steep driveway followed by 12 concrete steps, 10 wooden steps and then in the house another 20. These men were very professional.

The best part of all of this? We received all of our goods unscathed! Not one glass was broken or shoe missing. Everything was exactly as we had packed it and it all arrived safe and sound. We would like to thank America’s Moving Services for their professionalism in this endeavor. They made a stressful situation easy and we deeply appreciate them.

America’s Moving Services are proud sponsors of Making The Moving on MingleMediaTV.

Aug 242011

THE Relationship Blog

If you have been reading CoupleDumb in the last 8 months, and we know you have, we have been planning a move from Miami, Florida to Big Bear, California. We decided to take the entire Reyes-Fournier clan which includes 3 children and 2 dogs cross country. This was supposed to be an adventure. What we found was the following: 1. Our kids are troopers. 2. You can fit 3 children and 2 dogs on a queen sized bed. 3. There are certain places we never need to drive through again, ever.

Our first stop on this family adventure was New Orleans, Louisiana. Now, before I continue you need to understand something, we love New Orleans. There is nothing about New Orleans we do not adore including that weird smell and the occasional drunken idiot. We love it all! By taking our children, we wished to introduce them to the Crescent City and the magic that it holds on us. The problem with this idea became evident the first night there. In New Orleans, you can either travel with children or pets, not both. We found that there were restaurants that allowed pets but, because of the bar, no children could enter and vice versa. So, we tried to make the most of it.

We must make mention of the great La Quinta hotel that is located on Camp Street in Downtown, New Orleans is only minutes away from the French Quarter. We were able to walk from the extremely pet friendly hotel to the Quarter in less than 5 minutes and that was with 3 kids and 2 dogs! The hotel let us be part of the craziness but far enough removed that the kids did not see the more adult side of New Orleans. We were able to walk everywhere! We parked our car when we arrived and did not pick it up again until the morning we left.

Now, as for what to do with 3 kids and 2 dogs, the answer is simple: EAT! The morning after we arrived we had one goal, beignets and café au lait. We walked all the way to Café Du Monde. Here is where we make a travelers note: Many locals swear that Café Du Monde is just a tourist trap and the better place to get your beignets and café au lait is Café Beignet located on Bourbon street next to the police station. Café Du Monde is right up the street from the French Market which is a lot of fun while Café Beignet is in the heart of the quarter. Café Du Monde has a very limited menu and is very busy (as you can see from the video) but Café Beignet has a nice menu for lunch but the locals kind of give the tourists the stink eye. Well, here is the 411, they are both great!

The best meal we had was at the Palace Café. Paul had the Shrimp Tchefuncte In a Creole meuniére sauce with green onions, roasted mushrooms and popcorn rice and I had a little slice of the Crabmeat Cheesecake. How do you say ‘we died and went to heaven’ in creole? It was amazing! The shrimp was tender and the mushrooms were so tender and added an earthy taste to the entire meal. The star of the show though has to be the Tchefuncte sauce, or the T-Funk. I did consider just ordering it as a side and drinking it. It is such a rich, spicy and complex sauce it will keep your mouth wondering ‘can I put this on everything?’Absolutely!

Like all tourists, we made sure the kids had some gumbo, jambalaya and a crawfish po boy. There was much sharing and ‘taste this’ during this Big Easy adventure.

Must dos:

1. Eat. Eat a lot. It’s all good.

2. Have beignets and café au lait.

3. Go to the French Market.

4. One word: Muffelata

5. Plan a romantic trip with your partner. This has got to be one of the sexiest places in the United States.


1. Bringing both kids and pets. Leave one of them home.

2. Being on a diet when you go.