Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month! It almost seems ridiculous that we regulate our mental health to one month out of the year when 1 out of 5 Americans suffer from a mental illness. As most of us have seen these past few years, more attention is being placed on issues such as suicide and mental illness. Unfortunately, the attention comes when it is too late and the scourges of depression and psychosis have taken their toll. It is time to discuss this in every corner of this country.

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Dating can be tricky

The idea of meeting someone at a bar or work who turns out to be “the one” is as likely as picking the winning Lottery numbers. CoupleDumb has always been “Pro Online Dating”. This way of meeting people serves two purposes- keeps you safe as you “put yourself out there” while still allowing you to meet people to whom you share common interests. It is because of sites like that on-line dating is as successful as it is.

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The people at BODYARMOR sent a six-pack of their sports drinks for the boys and me (Paul) to try and review. The concept of exercise is a little different in our world. We live in the mountains outside of Los Angeles, about 7,500 feet up. The boys do karate and the normal running activities of school but most of our physical exertion comes out on the trails, hiking or jogging through the woods. I run three times a week on a trail rated as moderate difficulty, stopping every few minutes to do bodyweight exercises like pushup, pull-ups, and squats.

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On Drug Addiction

Question: When is drug addiction a threat to a relationship? Answer: Always!

This has to be the opening position when evaluating a situation where one party in a relationship is involved with drugs. Evaluating is the key. Emotion makes hash of good judgement when it comes to people about whom we deeply care. When emotion is substituted for rational evaluation of the situation, it breeds a number of unfortunate possibilities:

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On My Mother’s Passing

My Mother passed away one year ago. I use the term “passed away” very purposefully since her death seemed almost anti-climactic. There was no shudder. No gasp. No dramatic oration, declaring her willingness to go into that goodnight. I saw her last breath and waited for the next which never came. It was 7:02pm and we watched her in disbelief. How could someone so loud and big spirited leave this reality so peacefully?

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