Nov 202014
The Melt Method

We have two young boys and the option to slow down is not available to us. Paul just celebrated his 50th birthday and I am quickly approaching my 49th. Even though he is so much older than me, we share one thing that most aging couples do. Pain. Several years ago, both of us suffered back injuries. As we get older, the back flares up. Since I have fibromyalgia, the chronic pain aspect of an old injury is a constant reminder that I need to take care of myself. Seeing a physical therapist every week is just not possible so we went in search of back pain relief that wouldn’t break the bank or require medication.

Nov 122014
Are you a control freak?

Do you get upset if things turn out differently than you imagined? Do you hate change or balk at the mention of rescheduling? If so, you need help. Getting that control freak under control (pardon me) is the first step to living a healthier and happier life. You need to get some of the beliefs […]

Nov 112014
Petz Beach Review

Our kids, like all other kids, love their video games. The sound of gaming music is a constant din on car trips and gleeful screams of my boys celebrating attaining yet another level or accomplishing a task are the source of endless noise. Like all parents, we worry about video games that are violent and there is always the concern that they may become couch potatoes. Ubisoft, the great brand that brought us Just Dance and Assassins Creed, brings us Petz Beach!

Nov 052014
Kids Academy Apps

Paul and I love technology and believe that it is a great resource for learning. If we would have had these options as kids we would definitely have grown up to be astronauts but, alas, we were born too soon. We love introducing the kids to new apps that help in the learning process. Kid Academy has introduced some great choices for early learners that we think are a must on every parent’s iPhone or iPad.

Nov 052014
Chillax, Take the Train!

I grew up in Southern California and learned early on that traffic was a way of life. We all knew we would grow up, get our licenses at 16 and join the millions of folks on the freeways. I grew up and moved away. I traveled. All the major cities I visited had one thing that L.A. didn’t have….a train. I loved taking a train to work when I lived in Miami- watching the poor folks stuck in traffic. Moving back to the West Coast was a no brainer. Even though we were unwilling to deal with traffic and moved to the Mountains, we still loved everything our city had to offer. The solution? The Metrolink!