Oct 172014
Staying Healthy With YouthH2O Plus Giveaway

Healthy mind and healthy body- two very important elements when you are committed to your own well-being. Paul and I have been working hard at maintaining our mental well-being through therapy and honest communication. As for our healthy bodies, the process has been to include daily exercise, stretching and eating cleaner every day. I have also been drinking Youth H20 every day for the last few days and I feel fantastic! Instead of loading up a bunch of drug store vitamins and purport to provide the vitamins we need, I am drinking YouthH20 which is packed with organic superfoods that enhance beauty, performance and wellness!

Oct 102014
Shopping For Glasses

With a family of 5 where 3 of us wear glasses, having a site that has a wide array of styles as well as an easy way to order glasses on-line makes life easier. GlassesShop.com makes ordering glasses on-line easy. The frames come in all the styles, shapes and colors you can think of. They [...]

Oct 082014

As Paul approaches his 50th birthday, the thoughts of gifts to commemorate this auspicious birthday are occupying much of our time. This past year has been one of transformation and changes both physically and emotionally. His training for American Ninja Warrior has him doing things he never thought possible. At the same time, the sore muscles and occasional strains are an inevitability. Thank goodness Salonpas sent us a whole box of their different products to try out.

Sep 302014

Lee and I have made no bones about the culture of rape and abuse in our society. We have both worked in the domestic violence realm. Lee has had clients from both sides of the fence, victims and perpetrators. We do not vilify anyone but advocate breaking the cycle of abuse. When the people from [...]

Sep 102014

ESSIO Offered us an opportunity to test out their aromatherapy shower spa. It sounds great. If they take us, we will do a giveaway.