Jan 132015
The Majestic Athlete

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I couldn’t swim and my physical prowess was limited to long distance running so surfing and sports were not really options. My allegiance to the Dodgers started with a trip to Dodger’s Stadium, a Dodger Dog and “hat day”. I married a lady who loved them as much as I do and have worked hard to indoctrinate my kids with the love of Dodger Blue! When we moved to Miami, this became more difficult and finding sports apparel for my kids became imperative.

Jan 122015

We have dreams. We want to travel and explore this world. We refuse to get comfortable. A few years ago, we experienced a physical set back when Paul was unable to walk for several months due to his back. He had hurt it to the point where his legs would give out and even simple mobility was compromised. We needed to install a portable wheelchair ramp and considered getting an electric motor scooter. Luckily, he was able to regain motion in both his legs and is better health than ever. However, this experience taught us how quickly things can change.

Jan 022015

We were an infertile couple until…well, we were not infertile anymore and a baby popped out. We did the whole infertility thing as well as the pregnancy thing. Being pregnant is a lot easier than getting pregnant once the stress starts. Getting pregnant may not be always easy for all couples. There are some couples […]

Dec 292014

I began smoking at a young age. The habit began as a secret and then evolved into a behavior that was entangled with daily activity. Drink a cup of coffee? Have a cigarette. Have a drink? Have a cigarette. Socialize with friends? Have a cigarette. I tried to limit my smoking to the evenings unless I was on vacation and then it was a free-for-all. Luckily, I quit 2 years ago and have not gone back once. However, that habit is still there and there are some days when the cravings are tough. Electronic Cigarettes lets me still enjoy the feel of smoking without having to leave the fun or smell like an ashtray.

Dec 192014

How are you feeling? Wait, don’t answer that just yet. I can probably guess. Spent, right? Both in a literal and figurative sense, right? I mean, who wouldn’t be considering the growing prices in today’s market. Have you seen the price of the latest iPhone? Jesus Christ, the thing costs like an entire computer. If you’re someone who loves to keep up with the trend, you probably find yourself with an empty wallet more than once a month. Tired of drawing funds out of the ATM? Well, I can probably help you with that. Or, at the very least, make you visit the thing less frequently.