Feb 232015

Question: When is drug addiction a threat to a relationship? Answer: Always!

This has to be the opening position when evaluating a situation where one party in a relationship is involved with drugs. Evaluating is the key. Emotion makes hash of good judgement when it comes to people about whom we deeply care. When emotion is substituted for rational evaluation of the situation, it breeds a number of unfortunate possibilities:

Feb 132015
On My Mother's Passing

My Mother passed away one year ago. I use the term “passed away” very purposefully since her death seemed almost anti-climactic. There was no shudder. No gasp. No dramatic oration, declaring her willingness to go into that goodnight. I saw her last breath and waited for the next which never came. It was 7:02pm and we watched her in disbelief. How could someone so loud and big spirited leave this reality so peacefully?

Feb 112015
Match Singles In America

CoupleDumb is a site that focuses on relationships and to that end, we read lots of articles written by really smart people about the state of love, marriage, dating and singles. One of the places that is producing some very interesting data are the folks at Match.com. For the last 5 years, Match.com has been […]

Feb 092015
Health And Your Blood Type #AltoViva

As one gets older, it becomes apparent that the occasional vitamin C or shot of wheatgrass at a natural food store isn’t enough to keep everything working smoothly. Making sure that I am taking something to promote my health while making sure it doesn’t interfere with my gut health in addition to taking the appropriate enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants to promote wellness and energy sounds like a full time job! This is why I am very happy to promote and write about AltoViva Supplements because they provide all of that and more.

Feb 062015
Jord Wood Watches

#JordWatch What do you give the man who has everything – namely you? I ask myself this all the time. My man is simple. He has tastes that run from the extremely geeky/nerdy spectrum to refined. He likes the nicer things but also is a minimalist. When I shop for him, I go for metaphor since that appeals to his creative side as well. For Valentine’s, I would like to give him the gift of time. What better way to show this than a gorgeous wood watch from Jord. In one beautiful piece of wearable art, the watch tells him that he is both unique and timeless.